autographed photo of Reinhardt

Reinhardt, Django (1910 – 1953)

Reinhardt signs during the war, in Paris.
A superb signed approximately 7″ X 9.5″ doubleweight head and shoulders publicity portrait by Django Reinhardt. A smouldering shot of the guitarist with a cigarette in his mouth, signed very boldly in fountain pen ink, “Pour le Premiers Tommi a Paris, Bob, Amitié, Django Reinhardt”. Some very light silvering and handling to edges, otherwise in excellent condition.

Apparently obtained in person during the Nazi occupation of Paris. As a gypsy, Reinhardt’s life was in peril during this period, his survival due to the protection of jazz-loving Nazis, such as Dietrich Schulz-Köhn (nicknamed ‘Dr. Jazz’). Excessivly rare in this format. Only a small handful of signed images have surfaced over the past twenty years, this example by far the finest.