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Marx on the revolutionary spirit of Das Kapital

An extraordinary three-page autograph letter signed by Karl Marx, 7th March 1872, in French, to his publisher, on the subject of the French edition of Das Kapital.

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Lear, Edward

A fine three-page autograph letter signed by Edward Lear, 31st July 1877, incorporating nonsense spellings and a humorous self-caricature showing the author flying ‘South, like the swollers.’

Einstein, Albert

On the precipice of international fame in 1919, Einstein writes to a fellow future Nobel laureate on radioactive theory. A highly desirable typed letter in French, signed ‘A. Einstein’, one page, 8.25″ x 11″, November 5th 1919.

Holiday, Billie

Sacked by Count Basie, Holiday writes in 1938, ‘I would never sing again, but I still have Mama to take care of’. An astonishing four-page autograph letter signed by Holiday, ‘Billie’, February 11th 1938, on a single folded sheet.

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Adam Andrusier began collecting autographs and historical documents as a teenager and worked in musical theatre before becoming a full-time autograph dealer in 1997. He is a regular exhibitor at the New York and London book fairs, has worked for Christie’s and Bonham’s auction houses as an expert, and inspired Zadie Smith’s award-winning novel The Autograph Man.