Monet, Claude (1840 – 1926)

A good early autograph letter signed by Claude Monet, circa 1880, two pages on adjoining leaves, addressed to the collector Georges de Bellio.

Monet opens, ‘I don’t have a frame for the church. I had to frame it with a border that’s too small for the painting. As a result, quite a bit has been hidden but you can still see the effect. I’m counting on you to quickly send back the framed Venice…’ The artist concludes,’ I’d be very grateful if you would. Thank you in advance, Claude Monet.’

In very fine condition.

De Bellio (1828 – 1894) was one of Monet’s biggest early supporters. It was he who bought Monet’s iconic 1874 painting Impression, Soleil Levant, the work that gave its name to the Impressionist movement.