Greene, Graham (1904 – 1991)

A typed letter signed by Graham Greene, 9th May 1963. He writes to a Mr. Ronson, ‘amused by your quotation from Elizabeth Bowen in connection with Virginia Woolf’s Orlando, where Mrs. Woolf made the historical howler of putting a dome on  St. Paul’s before the Great Fire! I certainly plead guilty to the mistake about B.O.A.C. and I can’t think how I made it. It should of course be a poster of B.E.A. and I shall change it accordingly when the story is published in book form. My own impression was the the poster was used in the last seven years any way and I have no particularly period in mind for Mortmain. Your second point I think is not a very valid one. I could show you the scar of a cigarette burn on my wrist but I doubt if even the most loving attention would discover the scar without assistance!’

In fine condition.