Freud, Sigmund (1856 – 1939)

‘The inability to help so many… threw a deep shadow over our well-being’

A rare autograph letter signed by Sigmund Freud in English. Dated July 18th 1938, on Elsworthy Road headed paper, a month after his arrival in London.

He writes, in full, ‘Dear Mr. Jackson, Many thanks for your kind letter. I feel allright here, or rather I would, if not the news from Vienna and the inability to help so many who need being helped threw a deep shadow over our well-being. The generous cheque you sent me I will turn into some assistance to these poor people. Yours affectionately, Sigm. Freud.’ Together with the original envelope, hand-addressed by Freud. In very fine condition.Three months after the Nazi occupation of Austria, Freud escaped Vienna with several family members, and moved to London. He left behind four sisters. Just weeks earlier, at the end of June, Freud had received a visit from the authors and analyst Princess Bonaparte to discuss the fate of Freud’s siblings in Vienna, but the princess’s attemps to get them exit visas failed and they would all die in Nazi concentration camps.

An impassioned, moving letter from Freud, written at a time of great flux in his life. His joy at the pleasure of a new and safe home in England was tempered by his homesickness for the city of Vienna.