Dali, Salvador (1904 – 1989)

Signed book with exquisite drawing by Dali

A stunning and detailed ink drawing by Salvador Dali, featuring a shield-bearing muscular man sitting on horseback, the horse rearing its legs; in the background is drawn a mountain range, with two small figures casting long shadows. Inscribed to the top, ‘To my friend Antonio Valenti Mestro’ and signed in full, ‘with all the affection of Salvador Dali’ beneath the drawing, adding the date, 1948. Drawn inside a First Edition copy of Essays of Michel Montaigne (Doubleday & Co., 1947). In very fine condition, with a small stain to the outer edges of a small number of pages. An extravagant and marvelous early illustration that fills the approximately 9″ X 6″ first blank page, opposite the title. Highly desirable in this format.