Crumb, Robert (1946 –     )

Crumb self-portrait: ‘I’m not funny’

An original ink self-portrait by Robert Crumb, showing the artist wearing a hat and looking haggard, with speech bubble to the right stating, ‘I’m not funny’.

The sketch is accomplished in black ink on the uppermost off-white label on a four-label 4″ x 6.25″ sheet. He also adds an inscription beside it, ‘To Bill Bush, obviously a man of taste!—from R. Crumb, 1987’. The second and third labels contain further notes by Crumb — ‘Sorry—Don’t have time nor artistic inclination to do this other thing—even though I could always use the dough!!’ and ‘Thanks for the fifty bucks though!’. Crumb adds his signature again to the final note.

In very fine condition.