Autographed document by Fidel Castro

Castro, Fidel (1927 – )

An astonishing signed document by Fidel Castro from his schooldays. The document is dated October 29th 1943 and signs up the seventeen-year old Castro to play in the intercollegiate juvenile football team (the membership apparently expiring in 1945 – the year in which Castro graduated from Colegio Belen). Signed boldly by the young Castro in fountain pen ink with biographical information entered above in another hand. An apparently unpublished passport-size photograph of an intense and determined looking teenage Castro is attached and stamped by the football club. The young Castro was a keen sportsman and was voted his school’s best athlete in 1944. A tear to the left hand-side has been repaired with tape to the reverse. Otherwise in very fine condition. Surely the earliest signed document by Castro to be offered for sale.