Aragon, Louis (1897 – 1982)

From one Surrealist to another…

A rare autograph letter signed by French poet, Louis Aragon to surrealist playwright Roger Vitrac. Aragon writes, “A certain spirit of perversity made me visit you the other day, Roger Vitrac. I forbade myself from telling you in person what I could explain to you by writing. Truly, it’s you that made it that way, and I’d like to repeat this same thing next time I visit. I should add that the inexplicable chatter last Tuesday was not at all due to a tendency to become paralysed which keeps returning me to a place I dread. Useless explanations. In friendship? Louis Aragon.”

Aragon met Vitrac in 1921, when Aragon was still active in the Dadaist movement. He went on to become a founding member of the Surrealist movement, which Vitrac joined, contributing to their early printed editions.

In very fine condition, and an excellent association piece between two important Surrealists.