Solzhenitsyn, Alexander (1918 – 2008)

The author pays tribute to his laywer: ‘an exception son of America’

An extremely rare autograph letter signed by Solzhenitzyn, 15th August 1988. The letter is fully written by the author in Russian in ballpoint pen, and signed at the conclusion — additionally signed by his wife Natalia.

Solzhenitsyn writes to a Mrs. Williams. In full: ‘My wife and I grieve with you. Over the years that we happened to know your husband, we admired his perspicacity, energy and professional ability combined with sincerity and altruism. Edward Bennett  Williams was not only a brilliant lawyer but an exceptional son of America responsive to its public life and embodying in himself the best of its civic ideals. Fond memories of him will be preserved by the many who knew him during his lifetime. Please accept our deep and heartfelt sympathy. may God send you and your children strength and light.’

In very fine condition. Together with the original typed letter. The first autograph letter we have encountered by Solzhenitsyn.