Schoenberg, Arnold (1874 – 1951)

A good one-page typed letter signed by Arnold Schoenberg, April 13th 1939.

The composer writes to Mr. Abrahams in English, opening, ‘I do not  have the 1928 article of Grove’s dictionary, and consequently am unable to correct it.’ He goes on, ‘I am sure you will find sufficient data in two booklets (for my fiftieth and sixteenth birthdays) published by Universal, and in the book Schoenberg, 1937 Schirmer, which you should be able to secure in London. I am at present teaching at the University of California at Los Angeles and also engaged in writing a book on the “fundamentals of musical composition” which I hope to publish this year.’

Signed boldly in fountain pen ink, with a note added in German, ‘Sorry that I didn’t reply to you in German.’

In vey fine condition.  Schoenberg’s book, mentioned here, The Fundamentals of Musical Composition, became an important and wellknown handbook for students of composition and musical analysis.