Piaf, Édith (1915 – 1963)

Piaf to her husband: ‘Relax when you can, my sweet one, and think about how much I love you’

A four-page autograph letter signed by Piaf (‘your little bird’), 26th August 1955, to her husband, the singer Jacques Pills.

The singer writes, in full, ‘My dear sweet one, No letter today, either. Maybe you’re very busy with rehearsals, which I understand very well; don’t worry, my little one. Rest well and above all, don’t think about it too much. Everything is fine and everything will be fine! It is strange, but when I rest, I am almost more tired than when I work. You get used to doing nothing, and the smallest effort seems enormous, a lesson that I am relearning currently; I’ll have my hands full with Versailles! Now you’ll have to write to me in New York at Ben and Leslie Grade. I’ll give you the address at the end because I have to look for it first, but maybe you have it anyway.’

‘I can’t wait to hear the latest from you about the public’s reception in the other cities in England. You never talk about that country, and I’d love to hear your impression. At any rate, I think the public is great. The other thing I’d like is for you to have an apartment in London where a cook could come to keep you on your diet. I wonder how you manage in restaurants. Be very, very careful! Sometimes I do worry, knowing how kind you are and how you would not want to put anybody out but rather eat nothing at all. And you know that is what you must absolutely not do! So take great care. I am no longer there to do the salting, and you may take advantage of that. Careful, dear! Maybe you do the salting yourself now? I am a little bored, my darling, and when I don’t hear from you, I get very sad, but I know how difficult it is when you are busy with rehearsals. Relax when you can, my sweet one, and think about how much I love you. Here’s my address: c/o Ben and Leslie Grade, 250 West 57th Street, New York City, USA! Until tomorrow, my love, your little bird.’

In very fine condition. The pair married in 1952 and later divorced in 1957.