Monroe, Marilyn (1926 – 1962)

‘Arthur writes me every day… I keep waiting for him to stop loving me, though I hope he never will’

A highly interesting two-page (one single 6″ X 3″ sheet, both sides) unsigned autograph letter by Marilyn Monroe. The actress writes a heartfelt note to her psychiatrist, Dr. Hohenberg, in bold pencil.

In full, ‘Dear Dr. Hohenberg, I’ve been wondering myself why I don’t write to you. I’ve been feeling I was taken away from you (with your consent), or that you sent me away from you. On the whole, things are going along rather well so far. M.C.A., our agents, and… our lawyer have dealt with Natasha, but we’ll see. I have a strange feeling about Paula, I mean she works differently than Lee. Anyway, I keep feeling I won’t be able to do the part when I have too [sic], it like [sic] a horrible nightmare, but she is a wonderful and warm person which also bewilders me. Also, I guess I didn’t write you before this because I was waiting to see if I would get shot first. Arthur writes me every day, at least it gives me air to breathe. I can’t get use [sic] to the fact that he loves me and I keep waiting for him to stop loving me, though I hope he never will — but I keep telling myself — who knows?’

In fine condition. An fascinating note that sheds light on many important people in Monroe’s life. Natasha Lyess was Monroe’s drama coach between 1948 and 1955. It has since been claimed that Monroe and Lyess conducted an affair, and in this light it is interesting to note Monroe’s comment in the letter, that her lawyers ‘have dealt with Natasha, but we’ll see.’ She also mentions Lee and Paula Strasberg, her new acting coaches. Her comments regarding her husband, Arthur Miller, give an interesting insight into the actress’s insecurities and anxieties.