Monroe, Marilyn (1926 – 1962)

An extraordinary autograph note by Marilyn Monroe on an 8″ X 5″ sheet of notepaper, intended for her analyst Marianne Kris (Monroe writes, ‘For Kris, Sept 9’ at the top).

In full, ‘Remember, somehow, how mother always tried to get me to “go out” as though she felt I were too unadventurous. She wanted me even to show a cruelty toward women — this in my teens. In return, I showed her that I was faithful to her.’ An additional note to the top refers to the birthday of someone called ‘James’. A very revealing, intimate and interesting note by Monroe; her tortured relationship with her schizophrenic mother is well-known, and was the subject of the film, The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe, starring Susan Sarandon.

Folds, otherwise in very fine condition.