Marx, Karl (1818 – 1883)

Marx requests sections of Das Kapital from his French publisher

An extremely rare autograph letter signed by Karl Marx, 13th January 1872.

Addressed ‘Cher citoyen’ (likely the French publisher Maurice Lechâtre), Marx writes in French, ‘Please find enclosed pages 442-472 of the manuscript. I’d appreciate it if you could confirm receipt. Please send me the 100 copies of booklet II, adding 30 copies of booklet I, which you can put on my account. Best to you, Karl Marx.’Marx refers here to the French edition of his great work Das Kapital, published by Lechâtre, initially in a serialized format in workers’ newspapers between 1872 and 1875. ‘In this form,’ Marx wrote,‘the book will be more accessible to the working-class, a consideration which to me outweighs everything else.’

Letters of Marx are highly-sought after and rare. In fine condition.