Lear, Edward (1812 – 1888)

‘I shall go South, like the swollers’

A fine three-page autograph letter signed by Edward Lear, 31st July 1877, incorporating nonsense spellings and a humorous self-caricature showing the author flying ‘South, like the swollers.’

Lear writes to his close friend Lady Frances Waldegrave in brown fountain-pen ink. In full, ‘I shall trouble you with this gnoat because the changes are that I shall not see you again before I go out of England – if (as I hope you may) you will make a northerly tour to Whitby, Filey, Bridlington, Scarborough. And for myself, I have to remain with my  nose at the grindstone to finish, one of two large Northbrook pictures, so as to take it down to Stratten with as little delay as possible. After witch is another visit to my sister. I shall go South, like the swollers. [Adds humorous drawing of himself as a bird!] So, I wish you goodbye, with many good wishes for a pleasant Autumn, and many thanks for much kindness. Both you and Chichester have always been very kind to me. But, unless you both come to Italy, I fear it will be a long time before I see you again, if at all. Believe me, Yours sincerely, Edward Lear.’

In very fine condition. Extremely desirable in this format.