Grieg, Edvard (1843 – 1907)

A fine three-page autograph letter signed by Edvard Grieg, Leipzig, 8th January 1897.

The composer writes to Mr. William (Augener, Grieg’s London publisher) in German, opening, ‘I wanted to write — then came the just as important, I may say incredible, news from Mr. Verlsburg! I can only say: congratulations from myself and my wife! If only I could take a course in the art of diplomacy from you, because you understand this art quite thoroughly… No one could have remotely imagined that you were having the same thoughts…’

Grieg continues, asking his correspondent to send photos, then adding, ‘Speaking of photographs, Elliott & Fry haven’t printed any more pictures. Great shame!’ Then, he closes by referencing ‘an awful time’ he’s been having: ‘I could barely leave the room. It is rather a tricky thing to take care of yourself while travelling. In London I always felt at home.’

In very fine condition.