Frink, Elisabeth (1930 – 1993)

‘It is very difficult to translate my sculpture ideas into words’

A good three-page autograph letter signed by Frink to Lady Rambsotham, no date, in which the sculptress makes interesting reference to some of her best-known work.

In part, ‘I am pleased you like the sculpture so much. I have done a series of reclining horses, another bigger one before this and many small ones. Mainly inspired by seeing my own horse lying down when I was living in France. The stable was the studio. and I suppose that nearly all animals looks so beautiful lying down they take up a wonderful shape and look so completely reposed and calm. I think I like the idea because when they are in repose like that they are such a contrast to what I normally find in animals and in figures generally, which is a good deal of movement and tension. Although I think recently my work has become really very calm and more simple.’ She goes on, ‘It is very difficult to translate my sculpture ideas into words. I have a great love of animals and human beings and I find that I seem to prefer working away from the distressful conditions we live in today, more and more. I think that the arts should have a civilizing influence on events, they always have done, but less so now. I am hopeful that they still will again.’

Slight age-toning, otherwise in fine condition.