du Maurier, Daphne (1907 – 1989)

Dismissing an accusation of plagiarism in relation to The Birds

A good two-page typed letter signed by du Maurier, December 1st 1962, one page both sides.

The author writes to Mr. Staniland, noting that the has returned for ma week with her son, and stating that she has just signed a new lease for her home at Menabilly. She goes on to make mention of one of her most famous stories: ‘Re The Birds, I had a letter from a man the other day saying he had written a novel called The Birds, on an identical theme, many years ago. 1936. The name Frank Baker. Here we go, I thought, another damn plagiarism case (I’ve never heard of his book) and I wrote back politely, and thank goodness he replied just as politely, agreeing it was coincidence. However, when you publish The Birds I will send him a copy.’

Du Maurier then turns her attention to a recent article in the T.L.S.: ‘Very fair, if a bit superior. I long to know who did it. I would think a woman.’ She then finishes her letter, ‘I think the blurb on The Birds very good.’

n very fine condition.