Dali, Salvador (1904 – 1989)

An early (1934) autograph letter signed by Salvador Dali, in French, ‘Dali’ (and ‘Salvador Dali’ in the text).

The artist appears to be writing to the art dealer Julien Levy. He opens, ‘Dear friends, we think we will leave on the 31st or maybe the 7th, I am bringing the best paintings that I’ve recently painted. There are 6, you will find the titles in the little catalogue from a little exhibition of paintings in Barcelona.’

Dali then goes on to describe the paintings: ””Presence instantane de Luis II de Baviera” Salvador Dali, Lenin and Wagner sur la plage de Rosas’ (Instananeous presence of Luis II de Baviera, Salvador Dali, Lenin and Wagner on the beach at Roses.’

He continues, ‘I am leaning towards your idea about creating an amusing catalogue using the paintings you have. I think we might have to change the word Brayette [‘codpiece’] to homelete [‘omelette’], which signifies the same thing.’

A small tear to one edge, otherwise in fine condition. On the reverse side is the first page of a letter in Gala Dali’s hand, presumably to the same recipient, dated 17th October 1934.