Carter, Howard (1874 – 1939)

Carter insists he was present at the discovery of Tutankhamen!

A significant draft autograph letter signed by Howard Carter (‘H.C.’), addressed to Mr. Franklin, November 12th 1932.

The Egyptologist writes in relation to comments made by James Ogden, suggesting that Carter was not himself present at the discover of Tutankhamen.

In part, ‘I think a letter should be written to Mr. Ogden… requesting him to contradict publicly with an apology… the statement he made during his lecture at Cambridge, published in the Cambridge Evening News… In the par. referring to Mr. Ogden’s disclosure as to how the discover of the tomb of Tutankhamen was made there is not one word of truth, and I think you will agree that it is detrimental to me. Apart from the fact that there is no truth in the statement, my absence during the progress of that excavation would have been a direct breach of contract, ie. the concession granted by the Eg. Gov. to Lord Carnarvon and myself.’

Light creasing, otherwise in fine condition. It is decidedly rare to find letters by Carter that mention either Tutankhamen or Lord Carnarvon.