Brâncuși, Constantin (1876 – 1957)

An autograph letter signed, ‘C Brâncuși’, one page, Paris, 3rd July 1939, to Ede, in broken French. The sculptor writes, in full, ‘I am sorry to reply to you so late and to still have nothing precise to tell you. I wanted to complete The Bird before writing to you, but there you are: I restarted it twice and it’s not yet ready. Wait a little longer – I will write to you when it is finished. I think of you often. My best to you and to Helene’. In fine condition.

Autograph letters of Brancusi are rare, particularly when discussing his work. Many of Brâncuși’s most famous works represent birds in flight, and became known as the Bird in Space series, with the original having been created in 1923.