Ansermet, Ernest (1883 – 1969)

Ansermet traces the roots of Stravinsky and Ravel in works of Rimsky-Korsakov

A two-page autograph letter signed by Ernest Ansermet, 8th August 1957. The conductor writes to a Mr. Boas, noting, ‘Unfortunately I have here no scores, no documents and our librarian is in holiday, so that I am unable in this period to write a note on the Rimsky scores. Please let it write [sic] by your usual redactor, but you could print him the following remarks: “Christmas Eve” is interesting not only as one of the more advanced works of Rimsky, but as we find in it many musical patterns used later by Stravinsky, namely the  “harmonies” on which Firebird and especially Katschei dance is built. The same can be said from Sadko, where we find the first melodic motif (diminished fourth) from Spanish Rhapsody — Ravel. Dubinushka is interesting because this popular song was sung during the revolution in 1905 and for this reason the Rimskhy work was prohibited by the government. Performance was not allowed.’ Some edge creasing, otherwise in fine condition. A letter of decidedly interesting musical content.